Raheem Sterling warned after 'legal high' incident

Raheem sterling laughing as he celebrates scoring against Newcastle Credit: PA

Liverpool striker Raheem Sterling has been warned about his conduct after being filmed apparently inhaling laughing gas.

The Liverpool manager Brendan Rodgers said the incident would be dealt with internally.

The mobile phone footage emerged as Sterling, who's 20, was scoring for Liverpool in a Premier League match last night.

Liverpool manager Brendan Rodgers seemed less than amused, here is what he had to say about the incident:

On the streets of Liverpool opinions were divided:

But even if his off the field antics haven't affected his performances they serve only to highlight the rights and wrongs of a so-called legal high currently used by thousands of young people.

So far there have been a handful of deaths associated with Nitrous Oxide, Dr Cathy Montgomery from Liverpool John Moores University highlighted some of the dangers: