Guests of honour with links to Liverpool's Titanic building

One of Liverpool's best loved buildings 30 St James St Credit: ITV Granada Reports

The Liverpool hotel, 30 James Street, which was once home to the Titanic’s White Star Line HQ, is holding a special day today to mark the 103rd anniversary of the Titanic disaster.

Hotel owners Signature Living have invited people with connections to the building to have a luxury stay and a special gala dinner. It's a Grade II listed building formerly known as Albion House and is one of Liverpool’s best known landmarks.

The couple behind the hotel, Katie and Lawrence Kenwright - wanted to give those with historical connections to the building and connections to Liverpool’s maritime history the chance to enjoy it.

People submitted their stories via the hotels website for the owners to consider. Guests include Janet Barnett, Margaret Whitlock and Cathy Sullivan, the great granddaughters of Carpathia Captain Rostron – the ship responsible for rescuing Titanic survivors. Other guests include other family members of Titanic passengers who will bring with them never-before-seen memorabilia from the ill-fated ship.

30 James Street is special to so many people who had families members build it or indeed have worked their themselves over the years. Above all, people are interested in the building’s unique connection to the Titanic.

We are opening the hotel up to mark the 103rd anniversary of the Titanic disaster and with Liverpool having a rich maritime history, we’ve extended the offer to those who have worked in shipping or on Liverpool’s docks. We’re also looking to put the best stories into a commemorative book about the building too.”

– Lawrence Kenwright