Cheshire teenager safe after avalanche on Everest

Alex Sandiforth has tweeted to say he's OK after Nepal earthquake triggered avalanche while he was climbing Mount Everest

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Salford hiker safe but stranded in Nepal disaster zone

Joanne Hinds, from Salford, on Mt Kilamanjaro. She is now stranded in Nepal. Credit: Manchester Evening News.

A hiker who was walking in the Himalayas when the earthquake hit Nepal is now stranded at the centre of the devastation.

Joanne Hinds, 30, from Swinton, had just left Everest base camp when the 7.8 magnitude quake struck and caused a huge avalanche.

Further up the mountain, about 100 climbers were safe but stranded as the route down was damaged.

Rescue efforts are ongoing.

Joanne and her friend, who had fulfilled a lifelong dream of setting foot on Everest, were just hours from base camp and trekking through remote countryside when the quake struck.

The ground shook and cracked beneath them, terrifying the pair and surrounding villagers.

Joanne Hinds. Credit: Manchester Evening News.

“Joanne had literally left base camp two days ago and then it got hit - she was very lucky.

“Lots of people were killed. We are so relieved she is okay but it’s still so, so sad.

“It was tense and it was good to get the call from Joanne’s friend’s mum saying they had been in touch and they were fine. Then Joanne called but the line was awful.

“She just said she was in a safe place and that she wasn’t hurt. She was in shock because they had felt the earthquake badly, the ground was cracking.

“It is so, so sad. The pictures coming out are devastating. Joanne has seen some sights, crumbled buildings and the human toll in the villages. She is very upset.”

– Jack Hinds, Joanne’s brother

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