Dunkirk veteran's memories

A 96-year-old veteran of the Dunkirk evacuation has been speaking about his experiences 75 years after Operation Dynamo.

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Rare footage of Dunkirk landings at Manchester University

Rare and unique footage of the Dunkirk evacuation, and Operation Dynamo, has been discovered by the University of Manchester.

The films were shot by Lieutenant Philip Roderick Hall who was serving aboard the destroyer HMS Whitehall, one of hundreds of naval vessels, merchant ships and small boats that took part in the rescue.

John Hodgson, Manuscripts and Archives Manager, said:

This is a truly remarkable discovery 75 years after Dunkirk, these films are testimony to the bravery of the servicemen and civilians who risked – and in many cases sacrificed – their lives to rescue the stricken army. Without Operation Dynamo, Britain would have lost the war.

– John Hodgson, Manuscripts and Archives Manager

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