"Britain's Stupidest Criminal" tries to hide stolen car at POLICE station ... in front of officers

Police issue Twitter and facebook Credit: GMP
Heywood and Middleton police put out dumbest criminal alert on Twitter and Facebook Credit: GMP

Greater Manchester Police say they have found "Britain's dumbest criminal" after a thief tried to hide a stolen Mercedes in the police station car park. In a post on GMP Heywood and Middleton's Facebook site officers describe the event titled "Britain's Dumbest Criminal Alert."

Officers had been called to a burglary and car theft in Eccles in the early hours of this morning.

A short time later in Middleton gobsmacked police officers watched as the bungling car thieves, tried to drive into Middleton Police Station car park, found it locked, then started reversing the stolen car towards the police car and dog handler.

The post by officers recounts how: "The occupants of the vehicle opened the doors and hot-footed it away, pursued by the officers and the Police dog ... and were detained nearby.

"As is quite common practice people who steal cars hide them from the police in underground car parks for a few days in order to avoid them being recovered to the owners.

"On this occasion it would seem these offenders chose the wrong underground car park ie the POLICE STATION to try to hide the car and, to compound their poor judgement, just as the officers were returning back to the station!!!!!!!!"

Both males have subsequently been arrested and are awaiting interview.

The post continues: "Perhaps they will tell us they were wanting to repent their sins and were returning the car to the Police and to hand themselves in ... only time will tell."