Jordon Begley Inquest: Use of Taser was "inappropriate" says jury

An inquest into the death of a young man shot by police with a Taser gun begins later today.

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Police chiefs call for Taser safety review

Jordan Begley

The National Police Chiefs Council (NPCC) has called for an independent body to look in detail at the medical evidence and to decide if safety advice on tasers should be changed in light of the death of Jordan Begley and the Home Office's statistics on taser use.

Deputy Assistant Commissioner Neil Basu, the NPCC's lead on less-lethal weapons, said the verdict "raises some concern about the use of Taser".

He said:

I will be asking the Surgeon General - along with the Home Office - to refer the detailed medical evidence in this case to an independent body in order that they can determine if it is necessary to amend their advice of the safety of this weapon. Their conclusions will be published."

Officers who take the decision to fire the weapon do so in the knowledge that their often split second decision to use force will be judged in detail with the benefit of hindsight over potentially many years and through multiple investigations.

“Officers will not necessarily know the background or health of the person they are confronting, but they must deal with the immediate threat first.

What is important is that if Taser has to be fired to deal with the threat, that officers provide appropriate after care to the subject and are trained to deal with any medical emergency that may follow.

– Neil Basu, National Police Chiefs Council

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