Stepping Hill inquest: Vera Pearson died of natural causes

Inquests into the deaths of 10 people linked to killer nurse Victorino Chua who worked at Stepping Hill Hospital in Stockport have got underway.

Among the ten are four "new" cases which concern the deaths of George Keep, 84, Raymond Jenyon, 86, Hannah Hull, 89, and Vera Pearson, 84. They are people whose deaths did not form part of his prosecution but who died after what was initially suspected to be unexpected hypoglycaemic attacks - of the types his victims suffered following insulin overdoses.

The first inquest, looking into the death of 84-year-old Vera Pearson, has found she was not poisoned, and died of natural causes.

The second inquest, looking into the death of Hannah Hull, found she also died of natural causes.

More follows.