Chinese president Xi Jinping in Manchester

Chinese president Xi Jinping is joining David Cameron in Manchester on the final day of his state visit to Britain.

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Hundreds gather on streets of Manchester for Chinese president Xi Jinping

Hundreds of British-based Chinese people gathered in Manchester for the visit of the country's president Xi Jinping.

Red flags of China were held aloft alongside Union flags as crowds stood three and four deep outside Manchester Town Hall at barriers ringing the square.

Enthusiastic youngsters chanted: "We love you president Xi." More red and gold banners in mandarin proclaimed "Hello president Xi. A warm welcome."

Police surrounded the town hall amid a huge security operation but the hundreds of people gathered appeared to be supporters of the visit.

However in one corner of the square a smaller number of protesters were grouped with a banner demanding Justice For Human Rights.

Jasmine Su, 21, a sociology and fashion student at Manchester University, from Xinjiang in China, said:

"We are here to welcome our president and his wife." "We live abroad and we love our country, this is the only thing we can connect with our home country while living here."

– Jasmine Su, student

Away from the smiles and cheering of supporters, protesters stood in silence holding up banners with the words Falun Dafa and Falun Gong, a spiritual group which has faced persecution in China.

There did appear to be some stage management and co-ordination of the large turnout of supporters, with some Chinese people walking around with lists with what appeared to be people's names on and one man in a suit who appeared to be organising the gathering and directing the "spontaneous" gathering.

There were also cardboard boxes with flags of China inside being handed out and more discarded boxes used to bring the large banners set up and proclaiming support for president Xi.

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