Heartwarming remake of Christmas advert using Liverpool landmarks

Church volunteer's remake of the John Lewis Christmas advert. Credit: Dan Rackman

A church volunteer has filmed a heartwarming remake of the John Lewis Christmas advert

Dan Rackham, a community worker at St Philemon’s Church in Toxteth, filmed the video at iconic locations around Liverpool for his Nativity-themed film.

The remake has received more than 24,000 views on YouTube in just three days.

The 31-year-old said “I watched the advert and liked it and just thought I wonder if you could somehow make this to show people the greatest gift you’ll ever know."

“There’s so much hype around the Christmas ads. The advert is all about giving a gift to show your love, and as a Christian I feel amazingly loved."

“The response has been incredible. People have been emailing and commenting, which is so kind. I’ve been busy trying to reply to them all."

“I’m just a little guy in Liverpool who enjoys making videos.”

Dan Rackham used children from his church as the actors, Eve who's 8 and James and Abi who are both 13.