Out of control car narrowly misses police officer

Merseyside police have issued the shocking footage of the moment an officer had to leap out of the way of an out of control car.

The constable had been on duty on the M57 and was helping deal with another car crash when the vehicle span out of control in poor weather before hitting a highways agency car.

Neither the driver of the Mercedes or the constable suffered serious injuries.

Motorway signs are there to tell you to slow down for a reason. The weather that evening was very poor with heavy sleet and hail, causing the road to be very slippy.

"Every journey should be approached as a different journey and especially with the winter months currently upon us people really need to be slowing down to meet the challenging road conditions and adjust their driving accordingly.

"The driver of the car has been recommended to attend a driver awareness course.”

– Chief Inspector John Hogan