Parents recollections branded 'unreliable' at midwives hearing

The recollections of the parents of a baby, who died after just nine days, have been branded "unreliable" at the disciplinary hearing of two midwives in London.

It is alleged midwives Gretta Dixon and Catherine McCullough both failed to refer Hoa Titcombe for assessment after she claims she informed them she felt unwell.

James Titcombe, father of Joshua Titcombe, arriving at the hearing earlier this week Credit: PA

Her baby died nine days after being born at Furness General Hospital due to an infection that a 2011 inquest found was not picked up by midwives.

Thomas Buxton, representing Ms Dixon, said the case against his client should be withdrawn and called the evidence given by Mr and Mrs Titcombe "unreliable".

He told the panel that the mention of being unwell or poorly arose "for the first time at the inquest hearing in June (2011)".

Mrs Titcombe said in her evidence she was unable to identify which midwife she spoke to about feeling unwell - saying there were two going in and out of the room on October 25.

A decision on whether the two midwives will face sanctions is expected on tomorrow.

Baby Joshua, who died after nine days