Stepping Hill nurse Victorino Chua seeking leave to appeal

Stepping Hill nurse Victorino Chua was given a total of 25 life sentences. Credit: Greater Manchester Police.

Stepping Hill nurse Victorino Chua, convicted of poisoning patients at the Stockport Hospital, has been granted court date to hear his claims of innocence.

Chua is seeking leave to appeal the convictions which saw him jailed for 35 years in May last year.

He was earlier convicted of two counts of murder, intentionally causing grievous bodily harm, and attempting to intentionally cause grievous bodily harm to 21 other patients.

Chua was given a total of 25 life sentences for his crimes. But he's always denied allegations he deliberately tampered with saline drips that were stored on acute treatment wards at Stepping Hill.

His solicitors confirmed today that a court hearing will take place on July 28 to at the Court of Appeal to discuss his application for leave to appeal.

It's understood there is just one ground for appeal being made, relating to evidence of a letter which was shown to the jury.