Labour Leader questions timing of 'no confidence' motion

Corbyn rejects no confidence motion Credit: ITV News

Jeremy Corbyn has rejected calls for his resignation amid growing fury at his failure to galvanise the party's traditional supporters to turn out for Remain.

The Labour leader is facing a vote of no confidence, tabled by Dame Margaret Hodge and seconded by Stockport's MP Ann Coffey.

But Mr Corbyn insisted he will be carrying on and "making the case for unity" ahead of a potential general election once David Cameron's successor is chosen by the Conservatives.

He also questioned whether the no confidence motion was a good idea due to "massive political issues" which need to be dealt with following the Brexit result.

Asked if he will resign, Mr Corbyn said : "No, I'm carrying on."

"I'm making the case for unity, I'm making the case of what Labour can offer to Britain, of decent housing for people, of good secure jobs for people, of trade with Europe and of course with other parts of the world. Because if we don't get the trade issue right we've got a real problem in this country."

A spokesman for Mr Corbyn labelled Dame Margaret's move as "a bit of a self-indulgent act".

Backbencher Ann Coffey said Mr Corbyn needed to take responsibility for what had happened in the referendum.

"He needs to know that a substantial number of the parliamentary party have no confidence in his leadership and he needs to consider that and consider whether it is tenable to be leader when his parliamentary party does not support him."