Rally held in memory of asbestos cancer deaths

Campaigners will gather in Manchester city centre in memory of those who've lost their lives to the asbestos cancer, mesothelioma.

Doves will be released to in memory of those who've already died from the disease. There will be a rally in Lincoln Square, off Brazennose Street in central Manchester at 12.30pm.

“The announcement of £5 million for a National Mesothelioma Centre of Excellence is good news. Mesothelioma has been the poor relation when it comes to research funding for far too long. This initiative offers the chance to co-ordinate research work and offer hope to all those living with the disease now, and those inevitably to come. The Government described this as “seed money” and it is crucial that this jump starts Government action to ensure not only more money for mesothelioma research, but sustained funding for the future so that real progress can be made in the search for a cure.”

– Graham Dring of Greater Manchester Asbestos Victims Support Group