Campaigners plan anti fracking protest in Manchester

Anti fracking protestors Credit: PA

Environmental campaigners are planning to protest outside a conference in Manchester, claiming it's being sponsored by the fracking industry.

The protestors are planning to wear red to symbolise the 'red lines' which they say the world should not cross to avoid climate change.

The Government was due to publish a report by the independent Committee on Climate Change on the impact of fracking on climate change earlier this year, but it's been delayed.

The Fourteenth Round of licensing in December 2015 opened up large parts of the north of England for fracking, including areas covering six Greater Manchester boroughs.

Campaigners are calling for investment in renewable energy instead of fracking.

Ali Abbas of Manchester Friends of the Earth said:

"People across Greater Manchester are rightly concerned about the risks that fracking poses to our health and the environment.

We call on our local politicians to stand up to the Government and the fracking companies, and make it clear that fracking isn't welcome in Greater Manchester."