Hip hop star Akala in Liverpool to deliver Slavery Remembrance Lecture

Akala’s lecture will focus on the subject of the Haitian Revolution. Credit: National Museums Liverpool.

BAFTA and MOBO winning hip hop artist Akala will deliver Liverpool's annual Dorothy Kuya Slavery Remembrance Lecture later.

It's the 17th year the city's National Museums has commemorated the lives and deaths of millions of enslaved Africans and their descendants.

Since the release of his critically acclaimed debut album 'It's Not A Rumour', Akala has become one of Britain's most revered and respected MCs.

His lecture will focus on the subject of the Haitian Revolution, which directly links to the original catalyst for marking Slavery Remembrance Day on 23 August - an uprising of enslaved Africans which began on 23 August, 1791, on the island of Saint Domingue (modern Haiti and the Dominican Republic).

"Slavery is an ancient institution that sadly continues until this very day.

"Fortunately for all of humanity, Africans continuously rebelled and in Haiti between 1789 - 1804 gave history its only successful slave revolution - where the enslaved themselves became the government."

– Akala