Top experts tackle Liverpool's alarming cancer rate

Liverpool city centre

Top experts are coming together in Liverpool to devise a plan of action after it was revealed that cancer rates in the city are rising faster than anywhere else in the country.

They''ll be looking at factors, such as the environment and social behaviour, as well as diagnosis and treatment of the killer disease.

Figures show that cancer rates have increased by 16 percent in just 12 years

“Our ultimate aim is to answer why Liverpool experiences such inequalities and use this to inform regional cancer strategies that will tackle these inequalities - reducing cancer incidence and improving cancer outcomes for patients in the city.”

– Professor Terry Jones

The Liverpool Cancer Inequalities Research Network(LCIRN) Symposium has been organised in partnership between North West Cancer Research, the NWCR-UoL Cancer Research Centre, Liverpool Health Partners, and the Department of PublicHealth and Policy at the University of Liverpool.