Family of Paul Briggs encourage others to discuss end of life care

The wife of a policeman and war veteran who won a heart-breaking legal battle for the right to let her husband die is encouraging others to talk about end of life care.

Paul Briggs, who was 43 and from the Wirral, had been in a coma since being knocked off his motorbike 18 months ago by a dangerous driver.

Lindsey and Paul Briggs

His wife Lindsey, fought his medical team to allow treatment to be withdrawn claiming it's what he would have wanted.

Paul sadly died yesterday in a hospice after a judge agreed it was in his best interests to move him into palliative care.

Advocate for the family Jakki Cowley told Granada, the message Lindsey wants to get across is the importance of drawing up a legal document to avoid going having to go through a distressing court process.

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