Why has there been an increase in children with sleep problems?

Credit: Dominic Lipinski/PA Archive/PA Images

There's been a sharp rise in the number of children admitted to hospital with sleep problems, and the North West has some of the worst numbers in the country.

Hospital attendance for sleeping disorders has tripled over last decade and it's claimed there're big gaps in support for parents across the North West.

Our correspondent Mel Barham has this report.


  • 1. No screen activities in the hour leading to bedtime that includes phones, tablets and TV
  • 2. Blackout blinds can help in the summer months
  • 3. Keep the bedroom at around 16 to 18 degrees
  • 4. Make sure that your child’s bed is comfortable, lay down on it and have a feel!
  • 5. Bedrooms are best decorated in neutral colours
  • 6. Don’t let your child get into the habit of falling asleep with a condition in place that can’t be maintained all night e.g. A light show that switches off, a television playing, a car journey
  • 7. Avoid squashes in the run up to bedtime, they can aggravate the bladder and make little ones wet more
  • 8. A bath half an hour before bed can help
  • 9. Avoid sugary drinks and snacks
  • 10. Fine motor skill activities are very calming in the run up to bedtime. Things like jigsaws, colouring, play dough, threading all aid relaxation

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