Police officer tackled gunman single handedly

Pc Rob Shakespeare Credit: MEN syndication

A police officer is in line for a national bravery award after taking on a gunman single handedly.

Police constable Rob Shakespeare, 35, was on plain clothes duty when a masked robber threatened staff at a takeaway in Stockport.

Shakespeare spotted him after hearing on his radio that a balaclava-clad man had been seen in the area carrying a gun.

After stealing £20, the man took off on his bike. Pc Shakespeare started to follow him and then the gunman doubled back and rode towards him.

Realising the man was a danger in a busy shopping area, Pc Shakespeare tackled him and detained him with help from members of the public

He will attend a reception and an evening awards ceremony in London later this month.

“Not many people could claim to have tackled an armed offender, and to do so unarmed and with no back up, just goes to show how truly courageous and committed police officer Pc Shakespeare is."

– Ian Hanson, Chairman of Greater Manchester Police Federation