Children as young as 10 seeking help over suicidal thoughts

Children as young as 10 considering suicide Credit: PA

The charity Childline says it's seen a sharp rise in the number of children, some as young as ten, experiencing suicidal thoughts.

The charity is calling for more people to volunteer and potentially help save young people's lives

Childline carried out an average of 62 counselling sessions A DAY on suicide last year, as more young people reached crisis point and contacted the service for help.

The NSPCC's round-the- clock service delivered 22,456 counselling sessions - up 15 per cent from the previous year - who were tormented by suicidal thoughts.

One 14-year- old girl told a counsellor: "I want to end it tonight. I've written a suicide note and have everything ready."

At present Childline warns it only has the resources to be there for three in every four young people who reaches out for help.

Dame Esther Rantzen, the founder of Childline is visiting the charity's Manchester base today to highlight the issue.

Suicide is the third most common reason for girls to contact Childline, and the fifth most common for boys. Mental health issues, family relationships, and self-harm were the top