WATCH: Police launch new campaign to stop vulnerable people from being groomed to commit crime

Credit: ITV Granada Reports

Police say inner city criminal gangs are targetting vulnerable youngsters in countryside or costal areas to try to get them to sell drugs or commit violent offences.

But officers are using a new campaign called Trapped, to show there is a way out.

Adam McClean has this report:

Some signs that a young or vulnerable person could be in need of help are:

  • · Young people going missing and travelling to seaside or market towns
  • · School absence or missing from school
  • · Money, clothes or accessories which they are unable to account for
  • · Receiving an excessive amount of texts and phone calls
  • · Relationships with controlling / older individuals or groups
  • · Carrying weapons
  • · Significant decline in school results / performance
  • · Self-harm or significant changes in emotional wellbeing

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