Call for more diversity in stem cell donation

Melaine Farrell-Rhodes, who's from Stalybridge, Greater Manchester has lived with aplastic anaemia since she was 8 years old. On 6 October 2017, Mel was diagnosed with myelodysplasia anaemia and doctors told her that her best chance of survival would be a blood stem cell donation. But the combination of a lack of diversity on the blood stem cell registry and Mel's mixed heritage makes her search for a matching blood stem cell donor even harder. Her chances of finding a match in the wider public reduce right down from 60% to 20%.

Melanie has lived with the condition since she was 8 and desperately needs a stem cell match Credit: family photo

Mel is facing a lot of uncertainty and doctors cannot provide a timeline for her treatment. However, medical staff have confirmed the earlier a match is found for Mel and she could have a blood stem cell transplantation, the better. Click here for more about Mel's story.