Schools are frontline in fight against child poverty

Schools in the North West say they are now the frontline in the fight against child poverty. Primary schools have revealed they are now washing children's clothes, and giving out coats and shoes. We also hear that doctors are seeing cases of conditions like rickets and other conditions linke to malnourishment.

The local Clinical Commissioning Group says 'Rickets is a very rare condition and has multiple causes including genetic, social and economic factors. In every area, including Morecambe Bay, there will be a number of cases each year of people with vitamin D deficiency which at its most severe can lead to rickets; however this is very rare and is not contagious'.

NHS England says that rickets is not directly caused by poverty and that no diagnosed cases of poverty-caused rickets can be identified in Morecambe at the time of broadcast in December 2017.

Morecambe MP David Morris questioned the claims made in ITV Granada's reports. He has also said that there have been no cases of poverty-related rickets in Morecambe.