'That day in May': A teenager's moving poem about the Manchester Arena attack

A teenager who escaped from the Manchester Arena on the night of the terror attack has written a poem about her experiences.

Katie Farnsworth, from Newton Heath, was at the concert with her sister... but they stayed in the auditorium after it finished and missed the deadly blast on the on concourse which killed 22 people and injured many more.

Katie (on the right) escaped the blast without injury. Credit: family photo

Katie says she wrote the poem to help her come to terms wth the events on that night in May last year.

Here's an extract of it:

The day began

That day in May,

Bursting with excitement

Seeing Ariana Grande

We were ready early

And left straight away

Oh boy we will never

Forget this day,

Dad picked us up quickly

And in the car we sang

Those Dangerous woman tunes,

before the loud bang.

We never knew

Before this harrowing crime

That some people had sung

For One last time