Fly tippers dump 160 tonnes of waste in Salford

Clarence Street

Fly tippers have brazenly dumped around 160 tonnes of rubbish on Salford's streets.

The City council are appealing for the public's help after the stinking mess was left on a patch of vacant ground in Clarence Street, Lower Broughton on Tuesday afternoon. A second pile was left on land in Edward Street on Wednesday.

Edward Street

I am absolutely furious about this. Salford City Council has just lost another £11 million from its budget, hitting front line services hard and we now have to waste public money cleaning up after these criminals.

“This looks like processed household waste which has been mulched down or shredded at a waste transfer station somewhere for incineration or landfill.Whether that’s an illegal or legal station we don’t yet know but we will do everything we can to find and prosecute those responsible.

– Councillor David Lancaste