25 years on: Warrington falls silent to remember bomb victims

Johnathan Ball was three. Timothy Parry was 12. Credit: PA

A minute's silence has been observed to mark 25 years since the IRA bombed Warrington, killing two young boys.

Tim Parry and Johnathan Ball died and more than 50 people were injured in the explosion on Bridge Street.

The bomb went off the day before Mothering Sunday in a town centre packed with children buying cards and gifts for their mums.

The bomb went off the day before Mothering Sunday when children were buying cards and gifts for their mothers. Credit: PA

A special service was held on Market Street.

After the bombing Tim's parents set up a Foundation for Peace in the boys' names, which has worked to spread the message or reconciliation and hope rather than violence.

Colin and Wendy Parry shortly after the bomb exploded. Credit: PA

They spoke to Paul Crone for this report on the bomb - 25 years on.

The event will also be attended by the families of victims of the attack, faith leaders and representatives of the British and Irish governments

Bridge Street where the floral tributes were left in memory of the two boys who died Credit: PA