RNLI IoM recover unconscious male from beach

Port Skillion Beach from lifeboat Credit: RNLI Douglas

Volunteers from the Isle of Man's Douglas RNLI assisted in a multi-agency call to recover an unconscious male from a beach.

Coastguards and paramedics had secured the casualty on a back board and stretcher on Port Skillion Beach just outside Douglas Harbour. Access to the beach is only via flights of steep steps at either end of the beach so the lifeboat was requested to evacuate the casualty from offshore.

Deputy Second Coswain Tony Radcliffe took the all-weather lifeboat, Sir William Hillary, as close to the beach as the depth of water would allow then volunteer crew members Lavinia Washington and James Bettridge used the lifeboat’s daughter boat, an inflatable dinghy, to go ashore to recover the casualty to the lifeboat.

With the casualty safely transferred to the lifeboat, the dinghy and its crew also recovered, the lifeboat returned to Douglas, to the Liner Berth where the Coastguard and paramedics were waiting to transfer the casualty to an ambulance to be taken to Nobles Hospital.

The efficient way the crew handled themselves this morning is evidence of the regular training given by the RNLI, and in particular Lavinia who recently passed her Casulaty Care assessment and took a place in the dinghy.

– Lifeboat mechanic, Peter Cowin