Celebrating Manchester's Windrush generation

Events are planned across Manchester to celebrate the contribution made by the city's Windrush Generation.

The West Indian Community Centre in Longsight are holding a Gala Event on Saturday night with a Caribbean Steel band and a play by Victor Richards called 'Street Paved with Gold'.

Cultural workshops, music and a cricket match will take place in the city's Alexandra Park over the weekend to mark the 70th anniversary of the first migrants to arrive in Britain.

Aldred Barnett says the West Indian Community established the first Saturday school and some of the oldest summer schools in the country, all thanks to the Windrush Generation.

The Chair of the Manchester Caribbean Carnival, Mike Bisson says he has been speaking to a 90 year old man who has been told to provide proof of his residency online.

He says the Home Office needs to provide practical workshops to help and end the red tape.

There was a 'bittersweet' reaction in Manchester to Windrush Day after the government's recent 'hostile environment' immigration policy left some branded 'illegal immigrants' and facing deportation.

A party was held at the Bougainvillea Gardens Sheltered Accommodation in Longsight on Friday, founded by Louise Da Cocodia, the first Black nursing officer in Manchester.

Here's Elaine Willcox's report