Stockport and Oldham among the worst areas for dog attacks on postal workers

Almost 2,300 dog attacks on postal workers were reported last year.

New figures show an 8% drop in overall attacks but several areas in the North West are still high danger areas. The Royal Mail revealed that there were increases in several regions.

There are around 44 dog attacks a week that leave postal workers with permanent injuries.

The worst areas for attacks includ Stockport, Oldham, Blackburn and Llandudno.

Credit: PA images

"Our research continues to show that attacks happen most often in the summer, so we are continuing our campaign to appeal to customers to help us cut attacks across the UK.

"People should remember that 82% of attacks happen at the front door or in the garden

– Shaun Davis, Royal Mail

"More and more dog attacks happen on postal workers at the front door or in the front garden and that number is increasing as we deliver more online-purchased parcels.

– Dave Joyce, Communication Workers Union