Couple set off on 7 year cycle to raise money for cancer charity

Gabriella and Chris hope to raise money for a cancer charity Credit: Gabriella Gratrix and Chris O'Hare

A couple from Lancashire are setting off on the journey of a lifetime.

Gabriella Gratrix and Chris O'Hare are spending the next seven years cycling round the world.

And it is all the more remarkable because Gabriella is completing her recovery from breast cancer.

As keen cyclists the pair had already planned the trip before she was diagnosed, and they're taking it on just a month after she completed her treatment.

Taking in sixty seven countries and ending in Madagascar they're hoping to raise money for Prevent Breast Cancer

A lot of people associate a breast cancer diagnosis with finding a lump or experiencing some sort of pain, but it really was a bolt out of the blue for me. I knew I had a family history of breast cancer, but what started as a discussion about lowering my risk quickly turned into an unexpected diagnosis.

I've always led a very active, healthy lifestyle, so I was confident that I was already taking the necessary steps to avoid the disease - unfortunately, I was wrong.

It was during the early stages of treatment that I came across Prevent Breast Cancer and really connected with its ultimate goal of predicting and preventing this awful disease. I'm passionate about protecting other women - and men - from ever having to endure what I have recently and that is exactly what will keep us motivated every day.

– Gabby Gratrix