Farm thefts soaring in the North West

Farmers are DNA marking sheep to protect them from theft Credit: GTV

Theft from farms in the region is soaring according to new figures.

The Rural Crime Report released by an insurance company shows that it cost farmers three point four million pounds last year.

That's up by almost twenty two percent on the previous year.

The reports indicates that across the country rural theft cost forty four and a half million pounds in 2017, the highest level in four years.

And it indicates that farmers are using medieval methods of crime prevention, like using geese and dogs as early warning systems, as well as installing high tech security and fortifying their farms with earth banks and stockades.

Faced with repeated and determined attacks from a new breed of brazen thieves, farmers and country people are turning to history books to re-purpose security measures from medieval times.

Adapting centuries-old security with high tech solutions is already proving successful in keeping at bay thieves who don't fear being caught on camera and have the skills to overcome electronic security systems.

– Tim Price, Rural Affairs Specialist