My Fare Lady: Mystery love letter left on Greater Manchester bus stop!

Credit: MEN syndication

A bus passenger has left a love note attached to a bus stop in Manchester. The author - known only as ‘M’ - is desperately hoping to be reunited with a person they met there just days earlier.

Ands they describe the subject of their affection as ‘the most beautiful person they’ve ever met’ and ask ‘can we speak again?’

It was spotted outside The Christie Hospital on Wilmslow Road this week. The romantic declaration reads: “We met at the bus stop on Sunday and you helped me on my journey.

“I was too shy to say I think you are the most beautiful person I’ve ever met. “Can we speak again?”

The message, which has been printed in a yellow box on white paper and placed inside a plastic wallet, is signed off with the initial ‘M’. It has attracted quite a buzz, both at the bus stop itself and on social media.

Credit: MEN syndication