Protest against planned move of Liverpool Women's hospital

Protestors campaigning against a planned move for Liverpool Women's hospital, marched through the city this afternoon.They headed to the Echo Arena to make their point as delegates gathered for the Labour party's annual conference .

march against proposed move of Liverpool Women's hospital Credit: ITV News

It wasn't just women who gathered at the hospital today to voice their concerns about the hospital moving.

8 thousand babies are delivered at the hospital every year and it has been a main part of family life and female healthcare in Liverpool since it opened in 1995

Protesters say the current system is working so why spend around £100 million on the move

"It is safe because it focuses on women that's its main focus, where you have a mixed hospital then the women don't get the same focus and women's health is so important"

– Felicity Dowling, Campaigner

The proposal is to move the hospital to new premises at The Royal to make the most of the expertise there.

"Lets be clear, Liverpool women's is not closing, there's no plans to close any of the services here what we want to do is protect them and the only way to do that is to move the site so we are next to an adult acute hospital, somewhere like the Royal

– Dr Andrew Loughney, Medical Director Liverpool Women's hospital

The new Royal has fallen victim to the Carillion collapse, a date for it's completion is still uncertain. Any move is still years away for the women's hospital, so the next stage would be a public consultation