Homelessness: a North West crisis?

Nearly 11,000 people are thought to be without a permanent home - a rise of more than 10% in just one year.

Across the North West people are facing the prospect of another winter without guaranteed shelter. In Manchester alone, one in every 135 people are considered homeless.

In a series of special reports, we hear from those affected, examine the causes, and ask what can be done to address what many are calling a homeless crisis.

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Nothing but kindness - our correspondent's view while on the street in Liverpool

So what is it like for those people living their lives in the elements as rough sleepers? We know that attacks against them have been on the rise.

So we fitted our correspondent Matt O'Donoghue with a hidden camera to spend time in a doorway in Liverpool.

The result may be surprising, he was treated with care and compassion.

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