High praise for Liverpool health campaign

Health campaign to tackle obesity and sugar consumption Credit: Liverpool City Council

A public health campaign run by Liverpool City Council has been praised in a new national report.

The "Save kids from sugar" campaign was part of a wider campaign to tackle issues like obesity, alcohol intake and sugar consumption.

The national report from the Local Government Association praises Public Health Liverpool for its "comprehensive approach to creating health campaigns based on insight work, co-development with local people and measuring impact".

Liverpool was the first local authority in 2015 to name and shame manufacturers of fizzy drinks, yogurts and cereals with high sugar content in its 'Save Kids from Sugar' campaign.

The public health team also devised the 'Drink Less Feel Good' campaign which compared the number of calories in alcohol to fast food.

The 'Fit for Me' programme to increase activity rates among adults found 18 percent of the people who were aware of the campaign had taken action as a result of seeing it.

"Liverpool City Council and its partners have made a concerted effort to improve health and wellbeing since public health came back into the council six years ago."

– Councillor Paul Brant