Mother appeals for return of lock of baby's hair

Ellie Louise Credit: MEN Syndication

A mother is appealing for the return of a lock of her late child's hair which was lost when her handbag was stolen.

Kirsty Baldwin's two-year-old daughter Ellie Louise died ion 2013.

The lock of her her hair and some clothing are all that Kirsty has left.

They were in a handbag which was stolen from her car when she was parked at a service station by a man who then jumped into a car and drove off.

Our daughter died unexpectedly of bronchial pneumonia and the lock of hair is all we had left of her apart from the clothes she had the night she died.

Please, if anyone finds the lock shown in the picture, please do the right thing and hand it in to your nearest police station. Thank you.

– Kirsty Baldwin

Robbery in any circumstance is particularly distressing but Kirsty and her family have been left devastated.

The hair is such a precious item that cannot ever be placed and she’s desperate it’s returned to her.

We’re hoping the offenders or whoever has any information about this robbery hear this story and return the hair as soon as possible.

– Police Constable Cherie Castle, Greater Manchester Police