Former barrister has legs amputated because of severe pain

Credit: ITV Granada

Victoria Abbott-Fleming suffers from Complex Regional Pain Syndrome.

The former barrister from Derbyshire fell down the stairs at work.

Despite the suffering relatively minor injuries, she began to experience severe pain in her leg.

This was coupled with dramatic colour changes and hyper sensitivity five months after the fall.

Victoria after qualifying as a barrister

Victoria was told her symptoms were psychosomatic.

But she had Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS), an extremely unknown condition with no known cure.

The pain and infection left her depressed and suicidal and eventually she chose to have a double amputation.

Victoria says to this day, CRPS is still an unrecognised condition and many doctors and GPs still have no real understanding of how its caused or how it should be treated.

She's backing a campaign for the syndrome to be recognised and for local authorities to do more to tackle it.

Victoria's legs today Credit: ITV Granada

Patron of 'Burning Nights', clinical negligence barrister Fiona Ashworth:-