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Cerebral palsy boys join forces

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Beau is from Weybridge in Surrey. For the first six years of his life he was unable to walk and faced the prospect of a lifetime in a wheelchair. When his family heard about a revolutionary treatment in America that could help him walk, they managed to raise the £60,000 needed. After Beau had the operation he was able to walk with support and even take some steps on his own.

Beau's best friend is 8 year old Chris. He also has cerebral palsy and could only walk a few painful steps before getting tired. Beau decided to do a sponsored walk to help raise enough money for Chris to have the same operation - and he did ten weeks ago, with incredible results. Now it's Chris's turn to give something back. This weekend he took part in a sponsored walk to raise money for his friend, three year old Vigo, who also has the condition. But Chris didn't just do the sponsored walk - he ran it.

For Vigo's mum Natalie it's been a huge boost to their fundraising. But the family still need to raise another £40,000 in order to get Vigo the life-changing treatment he needs. Natalie has done some fund raising of her own - literally walking over hot coals in the hope that he can one day kick a football.

Vigo's operation in America is scheduled for next month - and when he comes back he hopes to do the same thing as Beau and Chris for someone else.