London's Mayoral candidates appeal to the gay community for votes

Mayoral candidates line up at conference organised by Stonewall. Credit: ITV News.

Ken Livingstone has called for Londoners to be united after claiming that many different communities have suffered from discrimination and that it is - in his words - the 'Muslims turn now.'

He made the comments as London's Mayoral candidates appealed to the gay community for votes at a conference hosted by Stonewall.

Toby Sadler reports.

There are seven people standing in the Mayoral Election. Boris Johnson is running for the Conservatives, Ken Livingstone for Labour and Brian Paddick for the Liberal Democrats. Jenny Jones is running for the Green Party; UKIP has chosen Lawrence Webb; Carlos Cortiglia is the British National Party nomination and Siobhan Benita is an independent candidate.

The election is on Thursday, May the 3rd.