Scotland Yard PC charged with racially abusing riots suspect

Jon Clements

Former Crime Correspondent

A Scotland Yard police officer is to be charged with racially abusing a suspect during the summer riots, prosecutors said. Credit: Reuters

A policeman recorded allegedly racially abusing a young black man under arrest in east London last year will now be charged over the incident.

In a major u-turn, the Crown Prosecution Service has decided there IS sufficient evidence to put Pc Alex MacFarlane before a court.

The original decision not to charge MacFarlane was taken back in January despite a mobile phone recording featuring racially offensive words.

When the tape was made public the CPS announced a review of the decision as futher allegations of racism by Met Police officers emerged.

Today the CPS has said the original decision was wrong and "regrettable".

MacFarlane will shortly be issued with a summons for a racially aggravated public order offence though the decision not to charge him with assaulting the 21 year old still stands.

The lawyer who made the decision is having his work reviewed and decisions he's made in other cases are being re-examined.