Londoners split over the Olympics

The London 2012 logo. Credit: LOCOG

Londoners' opinions on the Olympic Games are split, according to a new opinion poll.

According to the results, half the population of the capital (48%) is interested in the event. But that is mirrored almost exactly by the number of people who don't care about it (49%).

However, the YouGov poll for the London Evening Standard also indicates that most Londoners think the Games will be good for the capital.

51% think it will benefit the city, compared with 32% who don't.

47% of those polled also agreed that, with all things considered and with the benefit of hindsight, London should have bid for the games. Only 40% disagreed.

Poll results. Credit: London Tonight
Poll results. Credit: London Tonight

The poll also found that:

  • 51% of Londoners think that having the Games will improve sports facilities in the capital.

  • 69% of Londoners are disappointed with how tickets for the Games were sold.

  • 55% of Londoners disagree with the statement 'the Olympics will be good for people like me'.

  • 51% of Londoners don't believe that the Olympics will encourage people to take up sport.

Poll results. Credit: London Tonight

YouGov polled 1,060 adults in London between April 13 and 15, 2012.