Ken Livingstone has today bowed out of politics after more than four decades. He announced that his unsuccessful attempt to secure his place as London Mayor was his last election.

Mr Livingstone has thanked everyone for their support in what he describes as a "vicious" campaign, and he accused some papers of providing "slanted" coverage.

Mr Livingstone has also criticised Boris Johnson for not doing enough during his time as Mayor, and has voiced his concerns for the future of London. He says the city will be "insufferable" if it continues to be governed in this way over the next four years.

Having lost the election by just 3% of the votes, Mr Livingstone immediately announced his decision not to stand again. Now, he says, he'll have time to spend in his garden.

Ken has described his loss as "the defeat I most regret". He added: "I am sincerely sorry to those Londoners who desperately wanted us to win that I failed to do that and they will continue to bear the pain of this recession without any help from here in City Hall."