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Hundreds Walk Tunnel After Stuck for Three Hours

Jubilee Line passengers are led on foot through the tunnel to St John's Wood station. Photo: Jennifer Siggs

A London commuter has told of her "horrible" experience after being stuck in a "sweaty" underground carriage for three hours before being marched down a darkened tunnel this evening.

Jennifer Siggs was one of 773 passengers who were led through a tunnel lit only by emergency lighting for nearly a mile, before emerging at St John's Wood station in north London.

Transport for London said a faulty Jubilee Line train between Baker Street and St John's Wood stations had stalled before a second train was used in attempt to push the first into the next station.

This failed, "in part due to the gradient of the tunnel," at which point TfL took the decision to walk passengers off the train.

Ms Siggs said passengers around her were scared and paramedics were called when a woman in her thirties appeared to have a fit.

TfL apologised for the disruption and said those who were walked out will receive £40 compensation in addition to their fare back.

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