Bus Strike Dates Announced

London Buses Credit: ITN

The Unite union announced that London's bus-drivers will walk out on the 5th July, a week today. They will also walk out on the 24th, the Tuesday before the Olympics begin. They want a£500 bonus from TfL for working through the Games and another £100 for every day's pay they lose through striking.

It is and always has been for the bus companies and Unite to resolve this dispute, and Londoners will doubtless agree that it is completely unnecessary for the Unite leadership to threaten further disruption. The bus companies have offered to supplement the unprecedented extra £8.3 million brokered by the Mayor and have contacted Unite in an attempt to negotiate. However in most cases the Unite leadership has refused to meet with them and they have completely failed to put any of the offers to their members.They should withdraw their threats and allow negotiations to proceed.