Second anniversary appeal after Hackney DJ Wayne Powell murder

Wayne Powell, aged 38, was shot dead in Chingford. Credit: Met

Detectives investigating the murder of a Hackney DJ will return to the scene of the crime in Chingford to gather fresh evidence on the second anniversary of his death.

Officers will be joined by the family of Wayne Powell to hand out leaflets, in the hope that new witnesses will come forward

A £20,000 reward is still on offer for information leading to the identification, arrest and prosecution of those responsible for the murder.

Wayne, aged 38, was shot dead in Chingford on July 5th, 2010.

His girlfriend was expecting their baby at the time and their son, also Wayne, is now a year and eight months old.

Wayne, who was a keen bodybuilder, worked as a customer assistant for the London Underground at Seven Sister. During the night of his murder he was sat in his car close to the gym he used in Higham Station Avenue when a lone gunman approached the vehicle.

The suspect fired four shots before making off along a footpath in the direction of Coningsby Gardens.