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Olympic Torch: Day 65

Olympic Torch Relay: Day 65 Photo: LOCOG
Olympic Torch Relay : Day 65 Credit: LOCOG

Redbridge 07:19

The torch relay will start at Redbridge Cycling Centre before travelling four miles across the borough to Fairlop Waters, then Fullwell Cross. It will then go to Barkingside High Street and Gants Hill. The flame will then run past Valentines Mansion into Ilford Town Centre and to Ilford Lane.

Barking & Dagenham 09:52

The flame will start in Barking Park and will then go onto Longbridge Road and then go to Lodge Avenue, Porters Avenue, Hedgemans Road and Heathway before entering Central Park. It will end its time in the borough on London Road.

Havering 13:16

The flame will enter Havering via London Road. It will then enter the High Street, followed by Market Place, Laurie Walk, South Street, Rom Valley Way, Roneo Corner, the A124, Billet Lane and then the green space in front of Queen's Theatre. After that it will travel along North Street, the High Street, Station Lane, Suttons Lane, Airfield Way, South End Road, Rainham Road, Bridge Road, Viking Way, Upminster Road South, finally ending up on The Broadway.

Bexley 16:15

The Olympic Flame will commence its journey on Manor Road. After that it will travel along James Watt Way and then onto Queens Road, Bexley Road, Erith Road, Watling Street, Bourne Road, Hall Place. After that it will go along Bourne Road, Gravel Hill, The Broadway, Amsberg Way, Geddes Place, Market Place and the A207. It will then be carried to an evening celebration at Danson Park.

Alan Jones is carrying the Flame through Bexley. Credit: LOCOG

Carrying the torch through Redbridge

Martin Sorrell

Andriy Maksymovych

Janet Duncan

Marko Bostjancic

Torch Relay Route through Redbridge: Day 65. Credit: LOCOG

Carrying the torch through Barking & Dagenham

Samo Oina

Alexis Perry is carrying the Flame through Barking and Dagenham. Credit: LOCOG

Kathryn Simpson

Mirko Tu

Torch Relay Route through Barking and Dagenham: Day 65. Credit: LOCOG

Carrying the torch through Havering

Jernej Stanonik

Jonathan Fraser

Lang Lang Lang

Norman French

Amy Cresswell

Jinhui Zhou

Carrying the torch through Bexley

Amelia Hempleman-Adams

Andrew Lacon

Rakesh Kumar

Sue Foreman

Torch Relay Route through Bexley: Day 65. Credit: LOCOG

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