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Olympic Torch: Day 66

Olympic Torch Relay: Day 66 Photo: LOCOG

Lewisham 07:21

The torch relay will start at Creekside and then go to Trinity Conservatoire of Music and Dance. After that it will go to Creek Road, Deptford High Street, Giffin Street, Deptford Church Street, Brookmill Road, Thurston Road, Loampit Vale, Lewisham High Street, Rushey Green, Bromley Road and end up Bromley Hill.

Bromley 08:57

The torch relay will begin on Bromley Hill and will then travel to London Road, the High Street, Market Square, Westmoreland Road, Hayes Lane, Wickham Road, Manor Road, Beckenham Road, and then onto the steps of old Crystal Palace. After that it will go to the National Stadium track and will end its time in Bromley on Anerley Hill.

Croydon 11:27

The torch relay will commence on Church Road and will then be carried to South Norwood Hill, White Horse Lane, High Street, Brigstock Road, London Road, North End, the High Street, Katharine Street, Fell Road, Mint Walk, Lower Coombe Street, Southbridge Road, Davenant Road, Duppas Hill Road, Warrington Road, Epsom Road, Duppas Hill Road Epsom Road, Purley Way. The last stop on its journey will be Croydon Road.

Sutton 14:00

The torch relay will kick off on Croydon Road. After that it will travel to Acre Lane, the High Street, Pound Street, Carshalton Road, Chalk Pitt Way, Sutton Court Road, St Nicholas Road, St Nicholas Way, Crown Road, Sutton Common Road and will end up on Reigate Avenue.

Merton 15:21

The torch relay will start on Bishopsford Road. It will then go to London Road, Lower Green West, Raleigh Gardens, Western Road, Church Road, Christchurch Road, Priory Road, Merton High Street, Haydon's Road, Gap Road, Leopold Road, Arthur Road, St Mary's Road, Church Road, Somerset Road. It will then visit the All England Lawn Tennis Club and will finish its time in Merton on Church Road.

Wandsworth 17:31

The flame will set off from Wimbledon Park Road. It will then travel to Granville Road, Merton Road, Kimber Road, Garratt Lane, Tooting High Street, Tooting Bec Road. Its final destination for the evening finale will be Tooting Bec Lido Car Park.

Olympic Torch Relay : Day 66 Credit: LOCOG

Carrying the torch through Lewisham

Chris Bücker

Kate Moross

Alan Lane

Lewisham Torch Relay Route: Day 66 Credit: LOCOG

Carrying the torch through Bromley

Thomas Gerwers

Anthony Dalton is carrying the Flame through Bromley. Credit: LOCOG

Jorge Goncalves

Hans Carpels

Carrying the torch through Croydon

Abbe Stapleton

Abbe Stapleton is carrying the Flame through Croydon. Credit: LOCOG

Skip Webb

Croydon Torch Relay Route: Day 66 Credit: LOCOG

Carrying the torch through Sutton

Jeff Browne

Roy Martins

Thomas Rubatscher

Carrying the torch through Merton

Jason Greenberg

Adam Street

Jean-Marie Simon

Carrying the torch through Wandsworth

Mark Lazarus

Rupert Soames

Wandsworth Torch Relay Route: Day 66 Credit: LOCOG

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