Internet flooded with Boris zipwire spoofs

A playful kitten tries to bat the Mayor with its paw. Credit: Source unspecified.

Boris in a baby bouncer, Boris on the moon, Boris hanging off the Olympic rings on Tower Bridge. Within hours of the Mayor's hilarious zipwire mishap on Thursday, the internet was flooded with spoof images, showing the mayor in a range of improbable scenarios.

Internet pranksters superimposed Boris Johnson onto images of the new Emirates Air Line cable car, the clock face on the tower that houses Big Ben, and even the International Space Station.

One picture showed him being batted at by a playful kitten, while another showed him hanging off the finger of the Prime Minister.

The Mayor of London had been left hanging, when he got stuck on a zipwire at an Olympic event in Victoria Park.

Wearing a hard hat and waving two Union flags, he dangled in mid-air, calling for members of the public to fetch him a rope or a ladder.

Eventually, event staff pulled him to safety.

Click here to watch the original exclusive ITV footage.

In high places. The Mayor hangs from the International Space Station. Credit: Source unspecified.
As Mr Johnson dangled above the ground, one on-looker shouted: "I heard Ken Livingstone set up the zipline." Credit: Source unspecified.
Dangling from Olympic rings on Tower Bridge. Credit: Source unspecified.
On the Emirates Air Line cable car. Credit: Source unspecified.
Wrapped around the Prime Minister's finger. Credit: Source unspecified.
Hanging from the clock face on the tower that houses Big Ben. Credit: Blottr

You can see some more spoof pictures on the Blottr website.

Riding on an Olympic gymnast. Credit: Source unspecified.
Landing on the moon. Credit: Source unspecified.
Dropping in on the Olympic volleyball. Credit: Source unspecified.