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Manali Lukha. Photo: London Tonight

I'm sat here in the weather office, my desk clear and ready for my maternity cover to start on Monday morning.

It feels a bit strange to think I won't be returning to work for a while.

With the baby's arrival imminent, it's my last day on ITV London weather before I embark on my maternity leave.

As always I have trawled through the papers this morning, looking out for any weather related articles.

The article that has caught my eye this morning is in The Mail.

The impacts of the weather on our daily lives is phenomenal, not just in this country but globally.

We are all aware of the devastating affects of the recent flooding across the country. Twenty-seven flood warnings still remain in force by the Environment Agency.

The longer term effects of the weather on food supplies is also becoming a common theme.

The Mail reports on how the price of honey is set to soar across the UK.

Due to our wet summer, beekeepers are reporting a 90% drop in yield, and the total honey crop for England and Wales is estimated to be down 50%.

The Guardian reports today that supermarkets are having to relax their criteria for the appearance of fruit and vegetables.

This view appears to be across many of our well known supermarket chains. A poor summer has reduced the British fruit and vegetable harvest by more than 25%.

So it appears we can no longer be picky about seeing 'blemish-free' produce in our supermarkets.

Back to the all important weather this weekend. It's looking pretty decent across the capital.

A beautiful sunny day is expected on Saturday.

At the moment it looks set to be dry for a large part of the day on Sunday but cloud will gradually building during the day. This heralds the arrival of a spell of wet and windy weather on Sunday night into Monday.

No doubt I will still be checking the weather whilst I am off and dodging the showers on my yummy mummy walks around Richmond Park.

Have a good weekend.